When you can't afford a Content Management System

When you can't afford a Content Management System

Starting a business is an exciting time. There’s the anticipation of being your own boss and the being successful on your own terms. You know it will be a lot of work and you’re up for it!

But working through the list of jobs to do can try your patience sorely. Order this, wait for a callback on that, get quotes for something else.

Somewhere on that list will be “set up website”. You know you need the website to respond to people running Google searches for the goods and services you offer. You know the website should be easy to update, so you need a Content Management System. But the quotes start at several hundred pounds and other things have gone over budget …

Keep calm! A Finder.pm Mini Website is the perfect solution for a start-up business.

Cost – there’s no set up charge for a Mini Website. It’s £3.65 each month for as long as you want the website. You pay by Paypal and there’s no minimum term.

Quick – you sign up online (go to finder.pm/join) and then type all your website content into an online form. It’s the same level of skill as creating an online account. Put in your contact information, social media accounts and plenty of text about what you do. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add images or format your text to include header tags to help search engine visibility. You should be able to have a useful website in place in less than 30 minutes. Obviously more content will take longer.

Flexible – your business grows and changes and your website should reflect this. You can log in and update your content whenever you like.

Mobile friendly – a lot of searching is done from smartphones and tablets. Finder.pm was designed from the very beginning to look good on all devices. Did you know that Google penalizes websites that are not designed for all devices? No worries with a Finder.pm Mini Website.

Good looking – because you pay a small monthly fee, we don’t need to clutter our pages with adverts and promotions. Your Mini Website shows your content and some Finder.pm navigation at the bottom of the page. Nothing else. No ads, no pop ups, just your message.

Web address (URL) – your address takes visitors to your place on the web. Each Mini Website comes with its own address in the format finder.pm/yourbusiness

So your Mini Website can do a heck of a lot and is a great way to get your start-up online. It’s a clean, good looking solution that costs very little.

Finder.pm is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

Just go the Join Us page and sign up with your Paypal account, phone number and email address.