WebRacing adds a new level of interactive motivation to exercise bike sessions
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Webracing Peloton is a great option for clubs or gyms considering how to equip a new studio space, or to upgrade from a familiar indoor cycling environment.


    Upto 32 riders can race as a peloton, either as individuals or teams.
    Every rider is represented on screen by a distinctive avatar.
    The rider’s effort level is reflected in on-screen performance.
    Real time statistics show both team and individual performance.

This is a truly interactive experience. Pedal harder and you move up the peloton. See fellow riders challenging you and respond. Work as a team and see real time results.

WebRacing Peloton is all the thrill and effort of a road race, without the lorries, hail, potholes and traffic lights!

If you want to know more about equipping your club with WebRacing Peloton, call us on 01342 315933

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