The Value of Local Search

attract new customers from local search

Consider this scenario. Some friends are walking along a street in an unfamiliar town and want to stop for lunch. They Google using a smartphone for the nearest cafe and they find yours. They like your cafe and tell their friends. 

There's a chain of technology that makes this happen. The smartphone has a Google app. The app tells Google where the smartphone users is. Google finds the websites for the nearest cafes listed in it's Google My Business feature. If your business doesn't have a website and aren't on Google, then you miss out on this whole chain.

Attract new customers from local search

Maybe your business (cafe or not) is small and you think you can't justify the expense of a website. Suppose I told you that you could have a website that attracts Google searches for the same price as a premium cup of coffee from Starbucks? That's exactly what we offer at You can have a single page Mini Website for £3.65 per month with no set up fee. You also get a unique web address that you can include in marketing materials like business cards and flyers.

Let's go back to the cafe example. At £3.65 per month, your Mini Website would pay for itself if it attracted one extra person to your cafe for lunch each month. Bon appétit! is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

Just go the Join Us page and sign up with your Paypal account, phone number and email address.