They're not looking for you ... thoughts on Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

If you start to research how to promote your micro business or small business, pretty soon you will encounter the term Internet Marketing. There's lost of ways to promote a business: direct mail, leafleting and radio advertising being a few examples. Internet Marketing is using the functionality of the internet to promote your business.

In fact Internet Marketing is an umbrella term for a number of activities. For example, email marketing, content marketing and search marketing. But there's a principle which underlies all the approaches. I was reminded of it by a passage I read today.

"Today, most people's first port of call is the internet. But they are not looking for you, they're looking for answers to their business problems".

Just think about that for moment. It's all very well promoting your business, but unless what you are saying and what you are offering provides an answer to someone else's needs, why should they bother with you?

People are used to advertising. They are used to ignoring messages that say "buy me, buy me". But when people start to search for something they need, something to solve a problem, they are in a different place. And if you can meet them there, with what they need, they are likely to want what you are offering. is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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