Mass Production is a Wonderful Thing

A Mini Website is preformatted and ready to use, so there are no design and build costs

You wouldn't get you car designed from scratch because it would cost £millions to do so. Likewise your computer, TV and pretty much everything else you own. Design it once and make it many times is the most cost-effective way.

But people seem to forget this when thinking about a website. The costs of creating a bespoke website can run to hundreds or thousands of pounds. Which means the buyer either pays over the odds or just doesn't go ahead with getting a website. Probably this explains why around half of micro-businesses (employing less than 9 people) are not on the web at all. When you consider that most buyers now search for goods and services online, frequently using their phones when they have nothing else to do, there's a whole lot of opportunity being missed.

  • Which is why we created to specifically address this gap.
  • costs just £3.65 per month with no set up fee
  • You get a unique web address in the format
  • Your Mini Website is easy to set up and edit, you need no specialist skills.
  • You can enter text, images and video and use it as a hub for your social media accounts.
  • There is no advertising by other businesses, just your content on your website.
  • Completely secure, payments are handled by Paypal offers a simple to use, "turn key" solution to creating a website for your business.

More about all those business not online here. is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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