A strong marketing effort is more important than ever. can help deliver this.

These are uncertain times in Britain. The spectre of Brexit has already driven the pound down against the dollar and prices have risen as a result. This is bound to cause uncertainty and that's when people tend to keep their money in their pockets. That's really bad news if you run a business of any size or are thinking of starting one. But people still need stuff. No one is going to put off having a leaky pipe fixed because of worries about international markets. Cars still need servicing and birthday presents will still be bought. So the question is, how do you get your piece of the spending that is going on?


You need people to know about you and you need to be found when people are looking for what you have to offer. is a powerful tool for being found. If people need something, they tend to search online for it using mainly Google. provides a Mini Website that can be optimised for your service and if appropriate, your locality. It's worth remembering that in this Google driven world, if you don't have Mini Website, a website or social media presence, no one can find you. And that means no business coming your way. As well helping you be found, can help you be remembered. Your Mini Website comes with it's own web address or URL. You can display this on business cards, vehicles, where ever you like. Remembering a mobile phone number from the side of van is difficult. Remembering a web address is easier and just might make the difference. Being found and being remembered are fundamental to building a presence and a brand. Marketing helps you achieve this. Because is just £3.65 per month, marketing just became affordable is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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