Levelling the playing field

Levelling the playing field

Advertising, marketing and promotion work. Big companies spend a lot of money on these activities and get big sales as a result. As a small business with a smaller budget, surely it’s difficult to compete?

Yes and no. Certainly you don’t have the financial muscle to produce the same volume of advertising. But you can certainly get to buyers who are looking to buy the things that you sell.

A carefully created and optimised website can be very effective at appearing in Google searches from potential buyers. People frequently like to buy locally and a website optimised for local search can place you in a strong position. Obviously a website is essential before you can be found on Google. Finder.pm can truly level the playing field by making a website affordable for all businesses.

Finder.pm charges £3.65 (roughly $5 or 4.2 Euros) per month. There’s no set up fee.

Websites have typically cost several hundred pounds to set up and have substantial running costs. Perhaps this why only around a third of micro businesses have a website. But now that barrier is swept away. When a website only costs as much as a “meal deal” lunch each month, every business can have one.

How it works:

All you need are an email address, a phone number and a Paypal account.

You sign up online and register your Paypal account.

You create the website yourself by entering information into an online form. It’s not much different to setting up an online account with an online shop or similar.

You can update the website at any time, so you don’t have to do all the work at once. Just fill in the essentials and come back to carry on whenever you like.

You can add pictures, social media accounts, video and other media.

You have control over vital optimisation elements like metadescription, header tags and alt tags.

Your content is presented as a cleanly styled, one page website. Because you pay a small monthly fee, we don’t need to sell advertising and so you will never see ads showing on your page.

Interested? We think that the finder.pm package is real value for money and can genuinely help small businesses compete more evenly with bigger companies. That’s what leveling the playing field is all about.

Finder.pm is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

Just go the Join Us page and sign up with your Paypal account, phone number and email address.