Keep it fresh

A website with up to date, fresh content will be much more appealing than one with out of date information

Did you know that search engines like Google know when your website was last updated? They collect this information because they know that information, like food, is most appealing when it's fresh. 

One of the features of a Mini Website is that it is really easy to keep up to date. Just sign into the website, go to your page and click Edit. This is a very valuable feature for business owners. By keeping the content of the Mini Website fresh, it is more likely to appeal to search engines and will be more engaging to human readers when they get to the page.

The first generation of small business websites, many of which are still in use, could only be updated by a skilled web designer. This is fine if you can afford the designer's time and if the designer can respond to your requests in a timely way. But all too often, websites went unchanged for years. Newer websites are based on Content Management Systems that do allow the owner to make changes. However many business owners never made the upgrade or didn't make the investment to create a CMS based website.

Our mission at is to bring you the greatest benefit from the web at the lowest cost. With a Mini Website you can have a website that is easy to update but which costs just £3.65 per month with nothing up front.

Freshness has never been so accessible. is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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