How Local Search Can Work For You

How Local Search Can Work For You

You’re a café owner. You want to drive up business. You get a lot of business from local people, so you’re thinking how I can attract visitors to the area.

Wouldn’t it be great if shoppers and visitors could pull out their smartphones, search for the nearest café and find you?

This is actually easy to do. You just need a website with your address and post code on it. The smartphone knows where it is, tells Google and Google replies with the nearest establishments that match the search. Obviously need a website for this. Maybe you’ve been putting this off because of cost and time constraints?

A Mini Website from is designed for exactly this situation. is aligned to the small and micro business market. We keep our Mini Website inexpensive and easy to use. There is no up-front fee, you just register your PayPal account. You then create the website by entering information into an online form. You can even add photos, video, your social media accounts (and a map of your location). Completing the form needs no specialist skills, it’s much the same as opening an online account on a website.

Payment is completely secure, handled by Paypal. So all you need are an email address, phone number, Paypal account and 20 or 30 minutes to type in the information. You can also edit the website at any time to add news, offers, pictures or anything you like. Each month we bill you £3.65 (that’s about $5.00 or 4.20 euros).

At this price point, will pay for itself many times over. More visits means more cups of coffee, more sandwiches and more profits. Cheers! is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

Just go the Join Us page and sign up with your Paypal account, phone number and email address.