Helping Local Businesses Thrive On The High Street

Helping Local Businesses Thrive On The High Street is committed to help small and local businesses compete in a global, digital world.

“The decline of the high street” is a phrase repeated so frequently that it is in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. The lament is usually that online shopping and out of town retailers are squeezing out small retailers. Certainly online businesses like Amazon and “big box” retailers have considerable financial muscle and can afford endless advertising.

But there are some experiences that these businesses can’t offer. Being near to the customer, instant access and the high street experience of actually shopping and then having a coffee and a cake.

If small businesses take advantage of all the advantages technology can offer and build a reputation locally, they can thrive and succeed.

The most obvious use of technology is to be findable on web searches. If customers are looking for a bookshop or restaurant in their local area, it’s crazy to not be on the web and not get found in these searches. Once people are on your website, they can examine your menu, read about your seasonal goods, email you to order a book, enquire about a service, or phone to ask a question. removes the price barrier to setting up a website for your business. A content managed website that allows you update your content usually has a set-up cost of at least £300. With there’s no set-up cost and your monthly fee is just £3.65. We can keep our prices low because our Mini Websites use a standard format and you just enter your own content through a simple to use online form. All you need are a phone number, an email address and a Paypal account.

Surviving in the modern marketplace means seizing every opportunity to do things better. means having your own business website just became a whole lot more affordable. is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

Just go the Join Us page and sign up with your Paypal account, phone number and email address.