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Around half of UK businesses do not have a website and many cite cost as a reason. We decided to do something about that.

A Mini Website from Finder.pm costs £3.65 per month and nothing to set up. You create the Mini Website yourself using our unique builder tool and you can update it whenever you want. You can add pictures, videos and links to your other social media accounts. You also get a unique web address (URL) to use on your promotional material.

Finder.pm is easy to use and inexpensive. It's ideal for start-ups, sole traders, artists and any business that needs a place on the web.

  • Mini website
  • Unique web address
  • Full control of your content
  • No cross advertising of other businesses
  • Links to your social media sites

All for just £3.65 per month.

You will know how social media can create a buzz around your business. Different channels play to different strengths and multiple channels allow you address different audiences. Now finder.pm gives you a great way to link up those channels on one page. There's no need to list all your social media channels everywhere, just use your finder.pm address as a social media hub.