Farewell Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages has been published in the UK since 1966, but no more printed directories will be printed after next year. They recognise that no one looks through a book anymore to find a plumber or a builder. They search on Google.

But just as you needed an entry in Yellow Pages to be found, you need a website to be found by Google. Google searches the web. If you aren't on the web, you won't get found.

Finder.pm is part of the new wave of tools for promoting your business. Low cost, only £3.65 per month with no set-up cost. Easy to edit, no web design skills required. No minimum term, we don't lock you into a long term agreement.

Farewell Yellow Pages and welcome to the future of a simple website for every business.


Finder.pm is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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