£3.65 per month. We wanted to build a website that would allow even the smallest business to advertise online and be found by people using search engines. That's why we kept the price as low as possible. For comparison, £3.65 is the price of a Caramel Machiato coffee from Starbucks. So you can advertise your business online for the price of a cup of coffee each month. Bargain!

Finder.pm is a website. Subscribers can create their own single page on the website. This is known as a Mini Website. Each Mini Website has a unique web address and is dedicated to the subscribers's business. There's no up-front cost and subscription is £3.65 per month.

Finder.pm is a primarily a business advertising service. It relies on appearing high in search engine results and not being blocked by any providers or search engines, So, yes, we do have an acceptable use policy. We do accept pages that promote:
crime and illegal activities
hate speech
We are happy to accept pages that promote artists, political figures, celebrities, societies, charities and other groups or organisations as long as they meet the acceptable use policy. Finder is based in the UK and subject to English law. Finder.pm will cooperate with any request from UK or EU authorities regarding content posted on the website.In most cases if unacceptable content is found, the owner will be asked to make it compliant. If this does not happen the owner's account will be cancelled and the page removed. In extreme cases, content will be removed immediately.In all cases of dispute over the suitability of content, the decision of Finder.pm's management is final.

There's probably still some work to do on your page. Have you defined a keyword or set of keywords for the page? Have you created the page as suggested in our guidelines? How about adding some more text to give Google extra "food"? If your competition is being particularly effective at grabbing the top places, you may want to rethink your keyword strategy. If your placing is especially important, consider getting a professional SEO expert to review your page.

Yes, we would really like you to do that. Your Finder.pm page has a unique address in the format finder.pm/yourbusinessname. You choose the content of "yourbusinessname" when you create your page. You are welcome to use that address on any material. Please remember that your unique address will be available so long as your pay your monthly subscription. If your account lapses or is cancelled, your page will not be available.

No, there's no minimum term. You can sign up, create your page, then decide you are not happy and cancel. No problem.

Yes, you can. Finder.pm costs £3.65 per month which is billed by PayPal. You need to register a credit or debit card with PayPal. If you don't have a credit or debit card, you can buy a prepaid card from a supermarket and register that. You can top that up with cash at supermarkets.

No. For one thing all links from Finder.pm pages are nofollow. This is so no domain authority is passed to other websites. We concentrate on getting good results for pages on Finder.pm. We also don't want any spam links from Finder.pm. This would also affect our ability to get good search engine results for our clients.

Yes, absolutely! Whenever potential customers are looking for goods and services, they search online. So if you don't have a website, a social media page or a Finder.pm Mini Website, you won't be found. Every business needs to be online and Finder.pm is a great way to make your business findable. Finder.pm costs £3.65 per month and so is an inexpensive way to be online. We wanted to be able to offer a price that would not deter even the smallest business.

Obviously there is a cost involved in providing any service. In many cases the costs of providing a directory service are covered by on-page advertising. But this means that your content is in competition with other advertisements and possibly links to competitor businesses. There's none of that at Finder.pm. Your page contains your content and a small amount of Finder.pm navigation and that's it. Your page is yours and you don't share it with anyone else. We think that's worth paying £3.65 a month for.