droppa social scheduler
Family & Social scheduler using SMS and not email
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Do you have problems organizing your family activities or find it hard to arrange dates with friends? Do you keep a family calendar hanging up at home but no one seems to take any notice of it other than you? Then you need Droppa!

Droppa is a “live” family and friends scheduler that lets your phone’s contacts access your schedule (providing they subscribe to Droppa) and you access to theirs. Your contacts cannot see your schedule but, providing you accept their invitations, it allows them to “Drop” events into it.

Droppa operates via “push” notifications and not email so you don’t have to have everybody’s email address in your phone in order to send them a “Drop”. Think of it as the family calendar hanging in the kitchen but on your phone and therefore with you at all times. When meeting with friends or family and an event is suggested you can arrange dates and coordinate calendars immediately.

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