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Datalinx Labelling is a leading supplier of Zebra Labels and barcode consumables including thermal printer labels and mobile printer labels
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Datalinx Labelling is the a partner of our business “Datalinx Ltd”. We are committed to provide to our customers and prospects the easiest and simplest way to get labels and ribbons for your Zebra Printer. We ONLY supply GENUINE Zebra products, unless clients specifically ask for non zebra supplies, no question. This is the same as fitting original manufacture parts to you motor car ! This means that if you run your printers with genuine Zebra labels and ribbons, you printer will last longer, you warranty and maintenance contracts remain valid and your label print quality will be high. Life should be simple, if you have to spend a long time sorting out the right labels and getting the right quality of print from your label printer then this is stopping you run your business. The owners of Datalinx Labelling have been involved with Zebra printers for some 20 years, almost as long as Zebra printers have been manufactured. Traditionally the Zebra printers have been used to produce high quality barcode labels at high speed. Today the printers are found in many areas of life from foundries to hospital wards, we would suggest that in most cases the labels that that the printer delivers still has a barcode somewhere on it.During our time in the business, we have seen a lot of hype and “black art” from suppliers of labels. But in reality this can be made simple for the end user.Yes it is true that there are thousands of different label sizes, hundreds of different label materials and dozens of different ribbons to choose from. So this is what Datalinx Labelling is about, delivering the easiest, lowest cost supply of genuine Zebra supplies to the owners of Zebra printers.

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