Content is Critical

The Google advice for getting your content noticed is to keep it relevant. Keep focused on the subject and write about it in good, clear English. Don't be tempted into keyword stuffing or other tricks because Google and Bing are spending millions and millions of pounds to make their search engines read content exactly like a human reader does.

So when you are writing, stick to the point and don't be afraid to return to your article to update it in the light of new information. In fact, search engines like updated content because it shows you are making the effort to keep the content useful.

A Mini Website is designed to be easy to create and easy to update. Just log into the website, go to your Mini Website, click Edit and type. This means that you have full control over your content and aren't at the mercy of webmasters or people with more skills than you.

Our Mini Websites are about putting you in control of your content and your message. You decide what is relevant to your business and you can deliver it without compromise. You're happy because you are saying exactly what you want to say. The search engines are happy because they have good, focused content to direct their users to. is a powerful tool for getting your business noticed by search engines and that's when many of your future customers will come from. is the easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to promote your small business: 

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