Castaway Foundries

Affordable bronze casting
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     Castaway Foundries is a UK and Canada based company that offers bronze casting at rates far lower than those available in the West.

Castaway uses Chinese Foundries to help English and Canadian sculptors obtain top quality reproductions and enlargements of their original sculpture at a fraction of the usual cost.

The advantages are essentially:

— Much lower cost, particularly with longer runs / limited editions, etc.

— You can save on average 35% and often up to 50% on the cost of casting.

— Supervision of the casting of your works by experienced sculptors.... or......

— .... If you wish to go to China to supervise your bronze patinations (or get involved in any step of the foundry work), then we (or you) can arrange travel, and we definitely can take care of accommodation and meal arrangements on site or close to the foundry.

— Quality every bit as good as in the UK, USA or Canada

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