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A Gift For You

Our model at is different. We are not a free service like Facebook, Twitter or Google +. But then neither are we a social media network. is a dedicated business tool, especially designed to help you promote your business. We think that’s worth paying a little for. When we say a little, we mean a little. costs £3.65 per month. That’s the price of a fancy cup of coffee in Starbucks.
Can you afford the price of a cup of coffee to promote your business each month? You can’t afford not to!

Does my small business need to be on the web?

The answer quite simply is, yes.

We are all used to visiting the websites of big businesses like Amazon, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Asos and Tesco. But businesses of all sizes have websites. There are plenty of childminders, dog walkers, window cleaners and burger vans that all have their own websites. If potential customers are searching for your goods and services using Google or Bing, it’s worth you having an online presence.

What's It All About?

Do you own a small business? Are you an actor, musician, artist? Do you want to promote what you do and drive up sales and recognition? Well, read on.

The best way to engage with people who are interested in what you do, is to meet with them when they are looking for what you offer. So how would it be it someone could pick up their smartphone, search for what you offer and find you? That's what offers.