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What is the Best Website Builder

Just to be clear, in this article we are talking about websites where you can build your own website. is a website builder, you create an account and then build your website which is saved and is then visible to anyone on the worldwide web.

As well as, other familiar names are Wix and Squarespace.

Farewell Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages has been published in the UK since 1966, but no more printed directories will be printed after next year. They recognise that no one looks through a book anymore to find a plumber or a builder. They search on Google.

But just as you needed an entry in Yellow Pages to be found, you need a website to be found by Google. Google searches the web. If you aren't on the web, you won't get found.

Levelling the playing field

Advertising, marketing and promotion work. Big companies spend a lot of money on these activities and get big sales as a result. As a small business with a smaller budget, surely it’s difficult to compete?

Yes and no. Certainly you don’t have the financial muscle to produce the same volume of advertising. But you can certainly get to buyers who are looking to buy the things that you sell.

Helping Local Businesses Thrive On The High Street is committed to help small and local businesses compete in a global, digital world.

“The decline of the high street” is a phrase repeated so frequently that it is in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. The lament is usually that online shopping and out of town retailers are squeezing out small retailers. Certainly online businesses like Amazon and “big box” retailers have considerable financial muscle and can afford endless advertising.

Keep it fresh

Did you know that search engines like Google know when your website was last updated? They collect this information because they know that information, like food, is most appealing when it's fresh. 

One of the features of a Mini Website is that it is really easy to keep up to date. Just sign into the website, go to your page and click Edit. This is a very valuable feature for business owners. By keeping the content of the Mini Website fresh, it is more likely to appeal to search engines and will be more engaging to human readers when they get to the page.