The Value of Local Search

Consider this scenario. Some friends are walking along a street in an unfamiliar town and want to stop for lunch. They Google using a smartphone for the nearest cafe and they find yours. They like your cafe and tell their friends. 

There's a chain of technology that makes this happen. The smartphone has a Google app. The app tells Google where the smartphone users is. Google finds the websites for the nearest cafes listed in it's Google My Business feature. If your business doesn't have a website and aren't on Google, then you miss out on this whole chain.

They're not looking for you ... thoughts on Internet Marketing

If you start to research how to promote your micro business or small business, pretty soon you will encounter the term Internet Marketing. There's lost of ways to promote a business: direct mail, leafleting and radio advertising being a few examples. Internet Marketing is using the functionality of the internet to promote your business.

Content is Critical

The Google advice for getting your content noticed is to keep it relevant. Keep focused on the subject and write about it in good, clear English. Don't be tempted into keyword stuffing or other tricks because Google and Bing are spending millions and millions of pounds to make their search engines read content exactly like a human reader does. offers real value for money

It's hard running a small business, usually not enough time and money to go round. But as with every other area of life good tools can help make life easier. Which is why we created

A Mini Website is shop window for your business. It includes your text and your images, video if you want. It's easy to set up and keep up to date. There are no set up costs and it costs just £3.65 per month.

A website is essential if you are going to be found on Google or Bing. is carefully designed to make your business easy to find.