The Big Website Effect

Even if you already have a website for your business, a Mini Website can still be a very useful tool. This is because of the big website effect. Let me explain …

Search on Google and it’s very likely that big websites like the BBC, Wikipedia and Amazon will be near the top of the search results. This is because they are big websites that are constantly updated and hold a wealth of information. Google and other search engines weight their search results toward these big websites under the reasonable assumption that they are more likely to have good, up to date information about the subject you are searching for.

This is good for searchers because they get good information, but not so good for owners of small websites. Unless a small website is very sharply focused in its optimisation, it’s likely to lose out to the big boys. is getting bigger all the time. In fact, our mission is to grow the website as fast as possible. This is means that your Mini Website is very much yours, but benefits from being part of a much bigger website. All those other business owners, adding and editing pages are actually helping each other get found!

So even if you already have a website, adding a Mini Website is to make sure you get more attention.