PR -Spreading the news

Ever wondered how news gets into the newspapers and magazines? Journalists do go and track down stories, but a lot of the time they respond to stories that have been passed to them. Putting out news about your business is a process called Public Relations or PR.

PR is a useful option for small business because it costs nothing. You just need to write a news story, send it to journalists on publications you would like to appear in and maybe follow up with a phone call. There are good practices around how the story (or Press Release) should be formatted and presented but essentially it's a simple process. One thing to remember is the Press Release should just be enough to grab the journalist's interest. Most are around 250 words. Journalist get sent a lot of Press Releases and if yours is thousands of words long, it will probably be ignored. If the journalist is interested, they will want to follow up with you. Putting a phone number on the Press Release is essential but directing the journalist to a website with more detailed information is ideal.

This is where a Mini Website can be invaluable.

If you don't have a website a Mini Website provides a stylish and easy to set up page on the web for more details, pictures and video of your story.

If you do already have a website, your Mini Website can be used as a dedicated site for information backing up your Press Release. So if you decide to stage an event, you could set up a Mini Website solely to promote the event and there would be no need to pay your webmaster for temporary changes to your website.

Because a Mini Website has no minimum term, you can set it up just for the duration of an event.

Another way in which a Mini Website can be an affordable and flexible help in promoting your small business.