Internet marketing for small business

Yellow Pages is dead. TV advertising is prohibitively expensive. Does anyone read local newspapers anymore? How do you do to promote a small business today?

You will receive lots of answers to this question. Lots and lots of answers! But let me suggest you start off by putting yourself in the shoes of the person you be selling to.

Before the internet, Yellow Pages used to be the first port of call for people wanting goods and services. People used it because they wanted something and Yellow Pages would help them find it. It was the trusted tool at a point of need. 

Search engines have undermined that supremacy. Why go searching around for a big book when you can just pick up your smartphone and search? So is Google the new Yellow Pages? In many ways, yes. So pre-internet, you needed an entry in Yellow Pages, now you need to be findable by Google. And that's not as easy as it used to be. Yellow Pages had easily found categories; plumbers, builders, car mechanics, accountants. Google doesn't have categories, it's all about text matching. To be found by Google, your website or social media page needs to be carefully optimised to respond to searches made by people wanting to buy what you are offering. Mastering this new terrain is what internet marketing for small business is all about.

So how do I go about internet marketing for small business?

We like to think of as a ready made solution to this question. is the big website for small business. Being big and constantly updated means that it is appealing to Google. Google likes fresh content.

Each customer gets a Mini Website with a unique web address (URL) that shows only their content. No crossover adverts or links to similar businesses. It's easy to set up and easy to maintain. It can be updated whenever you want.

There's loads of online help and the Mini Website pages are designed to be easy for Google to read. Best of all is the price. £3.65 per month with no set up fee. That's the price of a cup of coffee in a nice coffee shop. You can do internet marketing for your small business for the price of a cup of coffee each month! puts you there when a new customer is looking for you. and Google are a powerful marketing solution for your business.

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