Beyond Twitter - when 140 characters just isn't enough

Twitter is a great way to promote your business. As you build up a following, your tweets go straight to them and raise awareness of your business and activities.

But sometimes the 140 character limit is too limiting and you want to tell a bigger story. One of the functions of Twitter is that you can include a link to a web page in the body of the tweet and gives you the chance to use Twitter and your Mini Website together.

If you have a new menu each week, special prices or new lines, you can write about them on your Mini Website and then link to it with Twitter. Think of your Mini Website as a "Specials" blackboard and your Tweets as reminders to "look at the blackboard".

Because your Mini Website is easy to edit, it can always be up to date with your latest news and prices. No need to involve a webmaster that can involve lead times and cost.

A Mini Website used with Twitter means you can get messages about your goods and services straight to the computers and smartphones of your followers and customers.