Why Finder.pm is Different

There are lot's of online formats to present your business. There are websites, blogs, social media accounts and directory pages. Social media accounts are usually free, although there are premium charges for advertising and promotion. Websites usually have a set up charge and then some running costs. Directories can be free, but better known and used ones (like Yellow Pages) can be quite expensive.

So what is a Finder.pm Mini Website?

A Mini Website is a single page on the larger Finder.pm website.You edit through an online tool so you don't need a website designer. You are in complete control of your page and can edit it at any time. Because your page is part of a larger website, you don't have to pay for your own domain name.

Finder.pm is a big website with a lot of content. This means it is attractive to search engines and your content on Finder.pm is more likely to be found than if it where on a small website under a separate domain name.

You also have a lot of control over how your Mini Website appears. Let's compare how your page will look compared to a free directory. Below is the Big Red Directory entry for our client Akorn Recruitment.

You can find the actual page at http://www.bigreddirectory.com/akorn-recruitment-agency-east-grinstead

Big Red is free to users, so it has to make it's money from advertising. So there's an ad for Microsoft Excel before there is any mention of Akorn. There's also a promotional banner for Big Red right at the top of the page. The dominant things on the page are the opening times table (useful for some businesses, but not all) and the map. There's no description of what you do. Even worse, there's a link to "other employment agencies ...". Do you want people coming to your page then linking to competition?

This is the Akorn page on Finder.pm

The page is at http://finder.pm/akornrecruitment

Just a simple Finder.pm logo and then it's all Akorn content. Their business name, logo, introduction and contact details. The section starting About: can be configured just as you wish. Extensive description text, images, it's your choice. There are slots lower down the page for links to your social media accounts, the opportunity to embed video and space for your business address.

Most important of all, there are no links to other businesses. Because we charge a small, fixed fee each month, we don't need to sell advertising on your page. And by small, we mean small. £3.65 per month. That's price of a meal deal snack lunch or one of the fancier coffees at Starbucks.

So a Finder.pm Mini Website is something genuinely new. Business focused unlike social media. Dedicated solely to your business and not to advertising someone else. Affordable for any business, not just those with big marketing budgets. All you need to join Finder.pm is a telephone number, an email address and a Paypal account. You've probably got all those already. Then click here to join up

Finder.pm is the big website for small business