Unique web address

unique web addressJust as we all need a postal address, we need an address online as well. A web address, or URL, can go on business cards, advertising, letterheads and email footers. It's an invitation for people to visit your online content, read about your goods and services and understand what you do.

Finder.pm makes it easy and inexpensive to have a unique web address. When you create your Finder.pm account, you can create your own address. So if your business is called Southampton Taxis, you can create something like finder.pm/southamptontaxis

It's possible to create a memorable web address that customers will retain and visit again and again. We don't charge extra for premium addresses either, unlike domain resellers and premium telephone number providers. It's £3.65 for everyone, first come, first served.

Your unique web address will become an essential part of the identity of your business, helping people who want the goods and services you offer, to find you. And when people say "Have you got a website, so I can see what you do?" the answer will be "Sure, here it is".