Only £3.65 per month

Only £3.65 per monthThere are plenty of places to promote yourself on the web but many of them have distinct drawbacks. Your own website will involve a start up cost and costs for hosting and SEO. Free directories often don't display vital information unless you pay a premium (you only find that out after you have created your entry). Websites like Yell are pretty expensive. Other websites distract your visitors with sponsor ads and links to similar businesses. is different. We have asked small business owners what they want and they told us. They want to be on the web, but they don't want a lot of hassle or cost. Many people are starting with very little money behind them.

So we priced a Mini Website at a low monthly cost of £3.65. This is the price of a premium cup of coffee from Starbucks! We reckon that everyone can afford the price of a cup of coffee each month to promote their business.