Small Business Marketing

If you are serious about growing your small business and making it a success, you need to promote it. Most experts would suggest that you create a marketing plan. A website is an essential part of any marketing plan and a Mini Website offers the flexibilty and ease of use that you need.

Marketing experts will suggest that your plan should include a number of approaches to spreading the word about your business. These would typically include using social media, direct mail, email marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Well known marketing writer Dee Blick provides an excellent guide to a multi-pronged Small Business Marketing Plan in her very poular book "Powerful Marketing On A Shoestring Budget: For Small Businesses"

Dee focuses on inexpensive methods of promotion, hence the title of the book. Many promotional channels are far too expensive for small businesses to consider.

When creating, we wanted to work with this "shoestring" ethic. We wanted to give small businesses another option to promote themselves. We wanted it to be effective and to be at a price that even the smallest business could afford.

  • offers a Mini Website, which is a page on the website. Because search engines prefer big websites, a page on a big website like is more likely to be found than a page on a small website.
  • The page is dedicated to the owner's business. No cross links to other business, no premium adverts for someone else. Just your content and a small amount of navigation in the footer. That's it.
  • A low price point of £3.65 per month. No set up fee. No minimum term. Genuinely affordable.
There are a number of website creation tools out there. We believe that is the easiest to use and the best value of all. Although some of our competitors offer free options, that comes at the price of on-screen advertising. We just show your content. No "other businesses like this", adverts or anything else to get in the way of your message. 

£3.65 per month. It's genuine shoestring marketing!