SEO mattersSEO (Search Engine Optimisation) matters a lot here at Because we want your page to be the one that is found when someone searches for your products or service. So how do we go about this?

Structural Factors
We are constantly striving to improve the structural and reputational aspects of We have designed the Mini Website structure so that they load quickly with good code. We have implemented Open Graph standards to assist in sharing on social media. We will continually strive to improve's domain authority and brand signals through promotion, advertising and online buzz. Page design and guidance are focused on creating high quality Mini Websites.

On Page Factors offers business owners a unique opportunity; big website domain authority without the costs of setting one up. But how well your page performs still depends a lot of what you put into it. So it's important that you work out a keyword strategy, write good content copy, choose a meaningful image and include useful links. There is plenty of good advice on the web about optimising a page. We would suggest Moz Academy as a great place to start. To help you get your content right,  we have produced a guide to creating your Mini Website.

A final thought on SEO. If you are thinking of using links from as part of a link building programme, don't bother. All external links are nofollow. This is intentional to ensure that's domain authority is maintained.