Business Start Ups

Business start upsYou want to start a new business and you've got the blank sheet of paper. What now?

Obviously a lot of your needs will be determined by the nature of your business. If you are a plumber, you'll need a van and tools. If you are a virtual assistant, you probably don't need a van!

But absolutely all business start ups need to tell the world about what they are doing. Call it promotion, marketing or advertising, you need show people what you do and how to contact you.

The best place to make contact with those customers is to be there when they are looking for you. So when someone thinks "I really need ..." and searches for it on Google or Bing, it would be great if they found you. is not a search engine. It's a website made up of pages created by businesses. It's like a street market or trade show, but on the web. Just like a market makes it easy for shoppers to find goods, makes life easy for search engines. is big and designed to be easy to search. That means if you have a page on, you will also be easy to find.

When you sign up for, you get your own page. It contains all the vital information about your business:

  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Description of what you do
  • Address
  • Social media pages

You also get a unique web address in the format You can use this address in the same way as a website address. So if your budget is tight or you are "seeing how it goes" you can use your address as your web presence.

All this costs just £3.65 per month.

If you want to get business cards and other materials printed, a web address is vital. With, once your web address has saved during the page creation process, it's yours to use as long as you pay your monthly subscription. Or if you have already bought a domain but don't yet have the website built, you can point the domain to your page.

Business Start Ups is a vital part of your Business Start Up marketing strategy. Get your message in front of customers when they are looking for you. All for the price of premium coffee each month!