Advertise Your Business Online

Advertise your business online

Business owners know they need to advertise their business online. But it can be very expensive. is not expensive, it's just £3.65 per month. It's also more finely targetted than most advertising. People see your advert when they are actually looking for the products and services you are providing.

How much advertising do you ignore each day?

The answer is a huge amount. Do you go and buy a car even a tiny fraction of the times you see car adverts? Of course not. Because most of the time, you aren't even thinking about buying a new car.

So think how powerful advertising would be if it got seen when someone was actively looking for the product being advertised.

This is how works. is a big website of many business pages. Because it is big, it's more likely to be appear high in the results of search engines. So if you are selling widgets online, your Mini Website promoting widgets will appear high up the results in a Google search for widgets. People selling widgets meet people who want to buy widgets. That's what is all about: delivering your message to someone who is actively looking for it.

Our aim at is to deliver highly targetted advertising for minimal cost. We want all business, not just the 50% who are currently online, to get the benefits of advertising online.

Advertise Your Business Online with

For the price of a premium coffee or a "meal deal" lunch, you can advertise your business online each month. You get a Mini Website that's all yours. No ads for other companies or links to similar business. You also get a unique web address that you can put on publicity material, very useful if you don't have a website.