About Finder.pm


Finder.pm is all about the need to provide cheap, easy to use websites for small businesses.
Evidence suggests around 2 million businesses in the UK don’t have a website. That means they can’t be found through Google searches. Printed directories like Yellow Pages are no more, so having a website is essential for any business.
A Finder.pm Mini Website costs nothing to set up and just £3.65 per month. Now any business can have a website.


Finder.pm is based in the UK (West Sussex in fact) but has global reach. Any business anywhere can set up a Mini Website.
Just visit our website at finder.pm


Our founder Chris Jerrey has many years of experience in software development, website design, marketing and IT consultancy.


Finder.pm is open for business 24 hours a day. Visit the website at Finder.pm

What do I do?

All you need to create a Mini Website is a Paypal account (if you use eBay, you probably have one), a phone and an email address (you probably have those too).
Click the Get Your Mini Website link at the top of the page.
Complete the simple form to create an account.
Register your Paypal account.
Enter the details of your business and click Save.
That’s it!

Business Start Ups - Finder.pm is your friend if you are starting a business. Have a website up and running in a few minutes, with no upfront costs.

Trades - If you are a tradesperson or sole trader, then the low cost and simplicity of a Mini Website is ideal.